Dear Parents,

Once again the summer has flown by! Your school staff have been working in the school
office and the classrooms and making plans for the new year. The school supplies are now on
sale in the stores, so we wanted to get you the needed information as soon as possible. Many of
our parents and students are right now attending the Pathfinder Camporee in South Dakota. We
pray for a fun, blessed, and safe trip for all of them!

 We will be at the school on August 1 and then from August 4-21. We will not be at school
August 2-3 for any phone calls or in-person visits. If you need to meet us at the school in the
evenings, please call the school phone or 952-426- 8086.

Included with this letter are the 2017-2018 school calendar and the school supply list. The
Show & Tell list, which is just for grades K-2 this year, will be provided later. The school
calendar is subject to changes. School supplies may be brought before school starts to save time
on the first day of school.

August 6 from 9 AM to 12 noon will be a school workbee. Please bring cleaning and/or yard
tools to help us get the school ready inside and outside for the start of school. This can go
towards your volunteer hours for the year. At this time, you may also fill out and/or return
registration papers if you haven’t already. Each family also needs to make financial
arrangements with Bruce Houchins, our school treasurer, before August 21. You may email him
at bruce.houchins@usbank.com.

We just want to remind you that the school dress code is polo shirts of any color and khaki
pants, skirts, or skorts of beige, brown, black, or navy. (Girls that wear skirts should wear shorts
underneath for modesty.) Shorts should be only 2-3 inches above the knee. Shoes worn to school
must be closed-toe shoes with nonmarking soles.

School lunches should include food that only need 2-3 minutes for warm-up. Please include
water, milk, or fruit juices, but no sodas or caffeinated drinks. Our school serves only vegetarian
and/or vegan foods when we do hot lunches, but you are not required to do this. We do ask that
you only send kosher meats for lunches.

Please mark all your children’s school supplies with their name. This includes pieces of
clothing, including shoes, as we always have unclaimed clothes at the end of each school year.
Grades K-2 should also send an extra set of clothing in case of accidents.

Because of staff and student allergies, we ask that students not wear strong scents of
perfumes, colognes, lotions, body sprays, hair products, deodorants, and any other strongly-
scented products.

We have an opening for a facilitator for a math class for grades 9th-10th. The pay is $12 an
hour and the job includes supervising the class, making sure the students pay attention, and
helping with the proctoring of tests and quizzes. Please contact Mrs. Hansen if you are interested.

 We would prefer that no electronics be brought to school. If they need to be brought, they need
to be turned in as soon as they arrive at school, and will be returned at the end of the day when
students leave. Personal toys from home also should  not be brought to school, unless needed for
Show &And Tell.

We are still searching for a new school bus. We have raised over $16,000 so far. It will hold
more students than the previous bus, but at the moment we don’t know how many.

This year Outdoor School will only be for grades 5-6. We need fathers and mothers willing to
go with us. Again, let Mrs. Hansen know if you are able to come with us.

We also need volunteers who are willing to be part of a maintenance committee for the school.
If you have carpenter, plumbing, welding, painting, and general maintenance skills, please let
Mrs. Hansen know that you are willing to help in this way.

We want to thank you for your prayers, your help, and your support as we work together to
train our children for life here on earth and for eternity. . Feel free to contact any of the teachers
if you have any questions.

Have a blessed and restful Sabbath!

Mrs. Ball     Ms. Brooke     Ms. Caruthers      Mrs. Hansen     Ms. Bonnie   Grandma LaVerne

The best way to serve God is to serve people!