Dear Parents:
This is the 29th week of the school year. The forecast says snow tomorrow, but we are hoping this will be the last one of this season! Many important things to tell you before the school year is over!
1. Music Festival for Grades 5-10: Each student needs to pay $40. (If you need help with this amount, contact Mrs. Hansen.) Checks can be made out to Southview Christian School or Maplewood Academy. Adults going are Mrs. Hansen, Ms. Brooke, Dr. Cheryl Saunders, Dr. Joy McIver, and Mr. Rogelio Garcia. We will leave from school at noon after eating lunch.  Parents need to attend the Sabbath afternoon concert at 4 PM and take your own child home. Let Mrs. Hansen or Ms. Brooke know if you need help with this. 
2. Grades 3-4 will be in Ms. Caruthers' room Thursday afternoon and Friday.
3. NO SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY AND TUESDAY, APRIL 8-9! Your teachers will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, being trained in the new Bible Curriculum for Grades K-8 that we will be using for the 2018-2019 school year.
4. SPRING CONCERT: April 21-If your child would like to perform a musical number of any kind as a solo, duet, small group, piano or instrumental, please let Mrs. Hansen know as soon as possible. The concert will be performed at the church service for the Southview SDA Church, which is renting the Lutheran House of Prayer Church, 7625 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN. Please be at the church no later than 10:30 AM.
5. ART FAIR: Sunday, April 22, 5:00 PM.  Come and see the wonderful work our students have done under Mrs. Ball's leadership!  You may purchase papuses that evening. Multiple orders can be placed a head of time.
6. Grades 7-10 Maplewood Academy Days: Students will be picked up from our school on Thursday, April 26 and return, Sunday, April 29. This event is FREE. More details will be given later.
7. NEW SCHOOL BUS: We are no longer able to use the old school bus, and we are still waiting for one of our father's to finish passing his bus license needed for our larger bus. If you can help drive the students that use the bus on any days, please let Mrs. Hansen know!
The month of April is our busiest month. We thank God for the many blessings He has given us this school year, the most important one is our wonderful students and parents!  Thank you so much for allowing us to teach your children and to work together with you as we work together to prepare these children for heaven.
Mrs. Hansen