Dear Parents:
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation!  Believe it or not, there are only 14 school days before Christmas vacation starts on December 21! School dismisses at noon that day!
1. Thursday: We will be leaving school at 9:30 AM to go to the Southview SDA Church. (5750 Wentworth Ave, Minneapolis, MN) Thursday is Causal Thursday!
We currently need 3 more cars that can carry 4 students so help us transport students to and from the church. Students need a sack lunch for that day. Please DO NOT send food that needs to be heated up. After rehearsal, we will return to the school around 1-1:30 pm. Students whose parents are at the church may go home at that time.
2. SABBATH: Please be at the church NO LATER than 2 PM so that we have time to get everyone into their costumes and warm up. We want to start on time at 3:30 PM. The program will last around 1 hour. Invite friends and family for "Christmas Hang-ups"!
Please make sure your child has eaten lunch before 2 PM. I know this is different since this is the first time our Christmas program is in the afternoon.
4. COSTUMES NEEDS: The following students need to bring these clothes to school on Thursday morning. Let Mrs. Hansen know if you have any questions.
Dark tops and bottoms: Diana, Jazmine, Vianet, Katie, Symone, Salie, Ashley S. Miya, Dalilah, Alyssa, Addie, Esther, Madelyn, Jamarea, Ashley P., Gabriela, Stephanie, Caleb N., Jason, Abel, William, Nathan, Eric, Daniel, Santiago, Caleb S., Christian, Joseph
Light colored tops and bottoms: Michael, Samantha, Nelleah, Rebecca, Ayelen, Ailyn, Michelle, Kayla, Jacquelen, Yarethzy, Naomi, Adelle, Janelle, Hailey
Sports Uniforms: Josh, Gabriel, Eli, Elvin, Andrew, Ainsly
Western: Asha
Hula Girl: Nathali
1:45 PM. We will need $7 per student for this program. We really enjoyed the robot in-school field trip last year, and know that this program will be just as educational and enjoyable! Parents are welcome to attend, also!
6. FIRST SNOW FALL: Today we had our first real taste of winter for this season. In the future, in case of bad weather, the teachers will text, email, and call parents in case of school closings. We DO NOT have late starts as we know that parents still need students dropped off at the regular time. We will also have announcement on the Channel 5 and 11 TV stations, WCCO and KARE11. If we have school, but it is too dangerous for you to travel, please let us know and your child will have an excused absense.
7. CHRISTMAS VACATION: School will dismiss at 12 noon on Thursday, December 21 and school resumes Monday, January 8. Report cards for the second quarter will be mailed to you, along with the ITBS test scores for Grades 3-10.
Let Mrs. Hansen know if you are able to help us drive on Thursday!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support and giving us the privilege of teaching your children!
Mrs. Hansen